Swat Unit 3

Swat Unit 3 game description

SWAT Unit a game well renowned in the world of gamers. Everyone likes to play first game where they will act as a soldier of a SWAT team and their job will be to kill terrorist in order to save the city and the civilians. 3rd sequel of this legendary series is ready now. Here you work for US army. You will be a part of the SWAT team but your job is little bit difficult here. The situation is not really a simple one. The terrorists have succeeded in stealing uniforms of SWAT and they have now invaded in few targeted location to attack on the civilians. You job is to fight the enemy force in those 3 locations where the enemy force is spreading their terror.

Choose proper weapon to fight the terrorist. Find them with sharp skill and shoot them with precise aim. This time it will be very hard to distinguish your team mates and the enemies as they will most likely wear the uniforms of SWAT that they stole. So beware of that fact. Do not kill or injure your teammates or civilians. Take proper aim with your mouse and click the left button of the mouse when you are ready to shoot. You will definitely enjoy this first person shooting game if you are really fond of being a SWAT fighter at least in your dreams. So, get set, pick up your weapon and start killing the terrorists.