Swat Team Overkill

Swat Team Overkill Description

this is game one of the best action packed games. You need to shoot the terrorists here. The situation is such that there is a terrorist group and a team of them have invaded in your town. They are wreaking through the town. Robbing the banks, kidnapping people and killing them at will. In such a condition the chief of police force decides to take action and deploy a team of SWAT in the city. You will start the game as a top ranked soldier in the team of SWAT. So you are the one responsible for the city’s future. Your target is to kill anyone who is terrorist and to protect the city from the terrorist before they can even try to harm the city. All you need to do is lock your target and shoot. As you keep shooting, you will earn points. If you can hit on the head you will earn extra point. So, be steady, sharpen your skill get on your gun to save your city and in the process make your score big. Use cash to upgrade your weapons, once upgraded they will help you to kill them easily and faster.

The control buttons are very easy to remember. Use your mouse to take aim and left click of your mouse to shoot. Use spacebar to reload your gun. Keep shooting and kill the terrorists as much as you can. Once you start playing this, there is no stopping and you will certainly enjoy the game with all the fun you can have being a high ranked soldier of your SWAT team.