SWAT : Stickmen, Weapons And Tactics

Short SWAT : Stickmen, Weapons And Tactics description

ESP Animation one of the known name in the world of flash games. Introduced by Eric Posas from ESP Animation, the SWAT Stickmen is a game that anyone will love to play. First person shooting game is just one of the reasons for which you will love to play this game. The game starts with you being enlisted to the elite team of SWAT. You need to set the role of the squad member. Once you are done, start your game and start enjoying the game. The game is pretty simple. Your aim is to eliminate the enemy forces who are most likely terrorists. You need to be sharp with your skills and your aim must be precise. Keep killing the terrorists to progress to the next level. Remember that you are an important part of your team and you need to lead your team to success against the brutal enemy force. You can earn new and advanced weapons as you progress through the levels. Use your brain to time your shooting to the perfection. When you are out of bullets, take cover behind the walls and reload first. The controls of the game are quite simple. Use the mouse to shoot and take cover. You can mouse over a wall if you want to hide, to shoot just mouse over the target and shoot. You can shoot various power ups if you need them. You can use special powers to good effect at perfect time. So, get ready for an action packed gaming experience and you can be rest assured that you won’t be disappointed at all.