Swat Rescue Team

All about the Swat Rescue Team game

This is a completely full of action. The game is about shooting the terrorists. A pirate terrorist organization has hijacked this entire yacht club, and is wreaking havoc on the club. They tried to escape, but the police came before they could flee from the location. Seeing the worsening conditions of the club, the chief of police force decided to take the help of the SWAT team to save the club. You are the one of the top rank holders in the SWAT team and now the safety of the club is on your shoulders. Your job is to kill the terrorists before they do any further harm to the club or kill more innocent people and you will have to ensure that they are unable to escape alive. Set your aim and start firing at these terrible, havoc creating terrorists and earn points. So get ready with your sharp shooting skills to save the club from the terrorists and gather up a high score. Use the cash collected to upgrade the weapons, thus making it easier and more effective and more powerful to shoot the terrorists.

The game comes with really simple controls. Use your mouse to set the aim and target the brutal terrorists. To shoot use the left click of the mouse. To reload the weapon you can use space bar. Keep firing and save the yacht club. Be careful as you have limited health and ammunition and terrorists will try to kill you and get an escape.