Swat Defense

Description about the Swat Defense game

SWAT Defense is a very interesting shooting based tower defense game. There are evil guys who are all set with their guns and are hiding all over the place and they have only one common mission on their minds. They can't see just anything over that mission and won't mind sacrificing their lives to complete that mission. All they want is to see you dead and have you surrounded. Unlike in the other SWAT games which have towers and turreps to set up, in the SWAT Defense game there are no towers or turrets to set up. Here, you will have to safeguard yourself from getting hit by the evil guys. They won't wait to be killed by you. They will come from anywhere and will start shooting at you. You will have to see that you are careful about having a close look at where they will erupt from. It is about your reputation and your life and you can't let these people win over you. Get set in your defense mode and keep killing the terrorists and keep clearing the missions till you reach the last one. HouseBroken Hero is anoter cool game you may want to try.

The controls of the game are really simple. You can set the aim using your mouse. To shoot you can use the left click of the mouse. You can reload the weapon you can use space bar. Keep hitting and save yourself from the attack of the brutal terrorists. This action game packed game is fun to play and will give you the feel of saving your life from the attack of these terrorists.