Swat Counter Terrorism

How To Play Swat Counter Terrorism

This game comes with so many interesting missions where you play the role of a high rank officer in the SWAT squad and the responsibility of saving the lives of many innocent people is now on your shoulders. This game is a real life crush commando giving you the complete experience of being a SWAT officer. In the various levels of the game, you will have various distinct and interesting missions. You will have to use lethal force and disable a bomb to save the town from getting completely destroyed by it. You will have to be really fast when and strategic while playing the game since you will be counter attacked by the terrorists. There will be multiple terrorists attacking you. So, you will have to save yourself from getting hurt and at the same time kill the terrorists and save the town from further loss. Killing the terrorists and that you efficiently will help you gain points in the games. Also you can collect cash in the game which can be used to buy upgraded weapons to help kill the terrorists more easily and add fun to the game.

The controls of the game are very easy to understand. You will have to press the left click of the mouse to shoot the terrorists. To reload the weapon you will have to press space-bar and to set the target you will use the mouse as the controller. So, gear up, set the target and shoot endlessly to complete the missions and reach new levels.