SWAT : Awesome Edition

Full SWAT : Awesome Edition game description

The game is full of action. Terrorists have attacked your city and you being a responsible SWAT officer have to save the city from these brutal terrorists. You will have to ensure that you remain safe. The game has various levels, each with a very interesting and unique mission. The difficulty increases with the increase in the level. You get points when you hit the terrorists. More the efficiency you kill the terrorists with more are the points awarded. The points will fetch you a higher rank. You can also collect cash in the game. The points and cash can be used to buy upgraded set of weapons and increase health. As the weapons get stronger the fun increases. So, get set with your gun and aim the terrorists. None of these evils should be left alive. It's about your pride now and your city's safety is on your shoulders. No mistake is acceptable here.

The controls of the game are really simple. You can set the aim using your mouse. To shoot, use the left click of the mouse. To get the defensive cover you can take mouse over the wall. To reload the weapon you can use space bar. Roll up the sleeves and get engrossed in this action filled online game. People who have played it loved it and are addicted to it. So have fun, kill the devils and hoist the flag of the good finding your way to the last level crossing all the hurdles in this very adventurous and thrilling game.