Swat Action

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Martial law is prevalent in the city and the crime families are all set to destroy the city and cause as much as possible. They are doing every harm they can, from capturing the neighborhood cafes to hijacking large warehouses which are full of important things and are bringing uninvited and non recoverable loss to the town. And in the eyes of the law no crime will be considered as unassigned or amateur. The teams of Policemen are completely tensed and are unable to fight with this scenario and the team of SWAT has been called to control the situation. You, as the player of this game, have to take up the role as Lieutenant Towers, a commander with high reputation belonging to a SWAT unit (Bravo Team) known for its bravery and skills. But the fate is such that you are no longer connected with your unit! Now it is up to you to prove that reputation is not in vain and you would never accept failure. But you will have to be extremely careful, as your enemy is quite strong and big and they won't mind keeping hostages and torturing them before killing them. You have to be careful about not shooting the hostages as will put a negative impact on the reputation of the complete force. In the beginning you have very limited artillery and ammo. Nonetheless, if you are able to prove your capability by timely finishing your mission, you will be rewarded with some serious amount of cash, which can be used to upgrade your ammunitions and accessories. You are your city’s last hope. Don't let the evil win over the good. Put in complete efforts and have fun in this super amazing action packed online game.