SWAT 2.5 : Death From Afar

More about SWAT 2.5 : Death From Afar flash game

The game is all about hitting the stickmen enemies. You have to target the enemies and kill them. Be careful to listen to who is to be killed. Killing the wrong person is as big a crime as missing a hit on the enemy. The game has various levels. Each level is more difficult than the previous one. People who play this game get addicted to it. It is indeed very nice to develop strategic thinking and promote use of the mind. Everyone dreams to be a part of the SWAT team in the real life, but not all are able to make this dream come true. It requires to have a lot of physical and mental strength to reach there. This game is a part of the SWAT series and it allows you to get the feel of being a swat member and serving the country. The game is very popular and is very easy to play. Experience the thrill of being a SWAT member. The game starts with you having very less ammunition and health. But as you progress in the game and if you play well you will get points for every successful hit. Also, you can earn cash points in the game. You can then use these points to buy upgrades and more powerful weapons. Also, you can get your health toggle extended using the points.

The controls of the game are very easy. You can use the mouse to set the target and left click to shoot. The space bar will reload the ammunition.