Hitman For Hire

Hitman For Hire Description

Hitman means a professional killer. Some time professional killers are hired to kill someone or to fulfil a mission. They are hired for money. To play this game you need to be a clever and very intelligent person. The game reveals the story of a city. The city police is corrupted and the surroundings of the city are a hub for the criminals. Crime is a common factor in the city. Suddenly a politician is killed and people of the city are ready to protest. Here the player is involving himself into the war against the city mafias. The player, who earns some money and now he wants to fight against the city crime. He uses his earnings to buy some weapons and ammunitions to fight against the mafias. This game has 10 missions. All these missions can be solved only through prompt action and intelligence. All these missions discovers the strategy to fight against the crime. While playing the game you can buy 5 extra guns. In this game the player has been given several opportunities to solve the challenging mission with some tricky scopes.