Army Swat

Everything you need to know about Army Swat

Army SWAT, a well known action packed shooting game. In this game you have a shotgun and your job is to kill the terrorists. A squad of terrorists has hijacked the dock and are killing the civilians and wreaking havoc on the dock. You will have to kill the terrorists while saving the civilians. Terrorists can be hidden behind the container and the wooden boxes. They may sometimes stretch their heads out from a huge ship. All you need to do is kill the maximum number of enemies to get a great score. The interesting part is that your gun will eventually run out of bullets and in a few seconds you can reload the gun of yours. This is when you need to be careful. The terrorists are the ones in the blue clothes whereas the civilians can wear any color of clothing, so that you can easily distinguish between who is to be shot and who is to be saved. If you kill even a single civilian, its game over for you. Also, if you deplete your health completely getting hit again and again, you will lose.

The controls of the game are very simple. You can use the mouse to move and set targets. It is extremely loved action shooting game. Game title: Army SWAT. To reload you will have to press space bar. There is a lot of action in this game. So, pull up your sleeves and get set to kill the terrorists while saving yourself from the terrorists. Have fun playing this super interesting and amazing game.