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Let’s not deny the fact that First Person SWAT Games have a bad reputation. However, these games are beneficial, says researchers. The fact is, researchers claim that these games many not be bad at all and there are some overlooked benefits of them. According to some, these games improve eyesight, quick thinking, cognitive skills and other such abilities.

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What are the benefits of playing games at www.swatgames.net

Studies show that these games are not bad, and there are a couple of benefits of playing them. The quickness of game and quickness of decisions helps to improve cognitive thinking with hand-eye coordination.
Helps with Rare Eye Disorders - Even more surprising, these games can help with some rare eye problems. For instance, people who are born with the rare cataract disorder in boy's eyes saw improvement after playing shooter games. People who were suffering from this disorder saw a gradual ability in recognized faces. They were also able to read small prints while their ability to judge the direction of moving dots also improved.
Improves Contrast Sensitivity - Contrast sensitivity is defined as the ability to detect small changes in shades of grey against a uniform background. This is helpful for people who face difficulty in reading and night driving. According to some studies, playing shooter games helps to improve the contrast sensitivity. Only a few hours per week will do the job.
Increases the Efficient Use of Sensory Evidence - Evidence suggest that swat games help for the use of sensory evidence. Shooter games help people who can make judgments in real life by being accurate and quick. This is due to the practice of decisions made in the game, where they were failed or error free. You can also check out some SW Games in your free time!
Improving Your Social Ability - Studies also say that special weapons and tactics police games improve social networking ability. This skill is improved by making strategic social moves, taking directing and working on a team or even gathering team members. Fleeing The Complex is a nice deceison making game which people love to play.

There are some pros and cons of allowing your kids to play such games. For the best, you should check the maturity marker on these games and the maturity of your child. The fact is, you should not feel pressurized to make a decision if you don’t want your child to play a game, and you don’t have to worry because maturity sign says they can play. Although there are many benefits of shooter games, if you are pushed in a moral dilemma to allow your young ones to play these games or not, then you shouldn’t be afraid to say no!

Do swat games help to sharpen the Visual Spatial Skills? Assessing the benefits of Video games, we should never ignore the fact that some parents worry about these games, and they are right. There are some games which can be engrossing to an extent that children neglect engaging in other activities such as school work, exercise, sleep or chores. Adding up, there is some experimental evident that suggest playing shooter games also have some negative influence on attitude and behavior, but this makes everything about videos games bad?

It's might be a surprise, but prosocial games encourage children to help others in their real life. It is also true that playing action games helps to sharpen visual attention skills and to improve the capacity for visualizing in three-dimensional objects. These games can also help children with dyslexic to read.

Video Games which help to Hone Visual Spatial Skills

When it comes to playing a third person shooter, the kind of game where you can see the character on screen, you need to move your character around to avoid danger and shoot down your enemies. But if you are inexperienced, the different visual distractions will compete for your attention and sometimes you can lose track of your character. So if you are attentive and pay attention to your character, you can avoid creating a mess.

In the beginning, gamers improve with practice and passage of time. So whatever you think of action games, one thing is clear for sure, you need to develop visual attention skills to do that with some other skills. For the SWAT girls we recommend landing to My Little Pony Games and playing the most popular MLP flash games.

Recently, there was a test conduction on experienced gamers, belonging to all age groups. These people were given a different variety of cognitive tasks and were compared with people who don’t play games at all. The results were as following:

  • Tracking Objects which move extremely fast
  • Track More Objects at once
  • Filter out irrelevant visual information
  • Switch quickly from one task to another
  • Detect the changes in visual array
  • Accurately predict how a 3 Dimensional object will appear when it will be rotated
These differences can be based on self-selection or maybe people who are better at these things are motivated to play video games. However, according to recent studies, it has been found out that playing swat games can help people to become highly skilled in at least on visual-spatial tasks. The inexperienced people who are trained in these games saw improve in their mental rotation skills.

swat games

With that being said, there are also some studies conducted which suggest game related improves are accompanied by distinctive changes in the way that brain processes information. According to these studies, trainees who showed improved in visual spatial skills worked with a pattern that reflects more brain activity for visual attention and distraction of information.


This is what it boils down to, how useful are these abilities? The gaming skills are not linked to higher IQ or improved Scholastic Performance. However, these are proven to help for improving visual attention skills and help dyslexic children to improve their reading ability. The spatial skills can come in handy whenever there is a need to keep objects fit, whether it’s off context molecular chemistry, mechanical engineering or attempting to parallel park car.

Moreover, its short sighted to dismiss any of these skills are completely non-academic. There was a time when the skills that helped to good reading had little or no relevance at all. Before books were introduced, the ability to memorize information was more important the ability to decode writing. If you want to play games in school, then games unblocked is a really great website for your school source of fun.

It’s probable that researcher may come up with efficient technologies for transmitting information technologies and depend on users visual spatial skills. When this time comes, the gamers will have an advantage.

Today, researchers are exploring video games as the tool for training visual skills in people who are suffering from disabilities. Moreover, it seems like the swat games can help people who are less adept for spatial rotation as these games will improve their special rotation abilities.

With all that have been said, we sure own some respect to video games. As we allow children to engage in hand-eye coordination and aim activities, therefore we need to think of action games in the same way as the activities which have the potential to sharpen their perception and response to the world. The Zombie Unblocked Games are also a great source of fun!

Looking forward to all that has been said, www.SwatGames.net provides tactical shooters that not only help your children with these abilities. But it also makes sure that your child’s moral compass doesn’t shift to the red zone.

Making them play as an enforcer instead of some mindless gang member not only helps to improve their skills but also helps them avoiding unnecessary violence. As most of these games are not about increasing the body count, instead these are about coordination, teamwork, and dedication. Therefore, you should not worry about the games here exploiting the mindset of your child for being violent.

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